PROLIFIC is all about applying new, innovative, technological and industrial solutions to transform waste from the agro-food industry into food products, animal feed, packaging materials and cosmetics. PROLIFIC will take on the resource challenge by developing sustainable technologies and procedures to recover proteins, fibres and other bioactive compounds from processing residues and valorise them in the formulation of different product prototypes such as cereal-based, vegetarian/vegan and meat food products, cosmetic creams and toothpaste, bioactive and biodegradable food and cosmetic packaging (i.e. bioactive and biodegradable coffee capsules), feed for pigs and poultry. Protein and derivates thereof will be sourced from legumes, fungi and coffee, and fibres from legumes and coffee residues. The targeted bioactive compounds are chitosan and b-glucans (from fungi), polyphenols (from legumes, fungi and coffee), carotenoids and phytosterols (from legumes) and caffeine (from coffee). COSMETIC is one of the 17 partners of this project, which is funded by the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking and Horizon 2020. Read more: